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If you’ve driven around Salford and Manchester, you’ve seen one of our professionally printed banners. From the five metre long mesh banners you’ll have spotted at Trafford Park, to the smaller PVC banners dotted around the city, we’ve had a hand in some of the most eye-catching banner adverts you see on a day-to-day basis.

If you’ve seen our banners, then your customer has seen them too, which makes them a solid investment for anyone looking to make an immediate impact and generate interest in their products, services or upcoming events.
Every one of our customers, from local companies to major charities has nothing but praise for our banner printing services. So if you want us to provide you with the superb service that we’re famed for, we’ve got one question to start with.

Do you need a PVC banner, or mesh?

PVC or Mesh Banners – Which is Right?

Choosing PVC or mesh for your banner isn’t a question of quality. We’ll still use high quality printing methods, UV-resistant inks and vibrant colours to create something that’ll catch the eye for years to come. No, the choice between PVC and mesh is all about the right material for the banner’s intended location.
Is your banner being hung inside? Choose PVC – it’s perfect for interior use. If you’re placing a banner outside in the wind, mesh banners hold their shape by allowing the wind to pass through them. Mesh banners are also safer at height, where the last thing you need is a loose, heavy PVC banner flapping around and potentially causing a hazard to window cleaners.

If you’re not sure what to choose, we’ll be happy to discuss your options. It’s all part of our service!

Why Wait for Quality?

All of our banners are printed in-house on our Salford premises, giving us full control over the quality of the work we produce and of our timescales. That means that we’re able to provide fast turnaround banner printing to local clients, subject to availability and the complexity of your project.
If you contact us today, we’ll discuss your requirements, design ideas and timescales. Subject to confirmation, we’ll be able to print and finish your banner within days – sometimes that same day, ready for you to collect from us.

If you need a mesh or PVC banner printed, please contact Seymour Sign and Print today. We’ll discuss your deadlines and provide a quote. Call now on 0161 925 0581.

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