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On the face of it, magnetic signs for company vehicles might seem like an odd fit for Seymour Sign and Print. We’re famous for a high-quality approach to designing completely bespoke vinyl wraps and signs that are customised to specific vehicles. A magnet that can be slapped onto the side of your work van just doesn’t seem to be very ‘us!’

Well, just because using magnets allows signs to be fitted quickly doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality.

Installation of a magnet is fast, and we can print your existing logo onto a magnetic sheet fairly quickly, but that doesn’t mean we’ve changed tack to offer cheap and nasty signage. We still offer a professional design service, we still use the best quality fade-resistant materials, and we still only produce work that we can be proud of.

When you see our magnetic signs, you’ll be amazed.

They’re Not Magic – They’re Magnets!

Magnets are ideal for subcontractors who don’t want to be limited by permanent signage. They can be fitted and removed in moments, making them perfect for delivery drivers, builders – or anyone who wants to have a branded car in the week, but use that same car for pleasure on the weekend.

But while magnets can be replaced or removed in moments, that doesn’t mean that you can slap them on and pull them off without thinking. You need to make sure dirt and dust aren’t trapped between the magnet and the paintwork – otherwise you might end up unsightly scratches. Regular cleaning will ensure that you can use your signs safely time after time.

Oh, and while our magnets stick to most vehicles, they’re designed for normal driving conditions. If you’re planning on exceeding the speed limit by too much, you might want to peel the magnet off first, unless the wind does it for you.

Fast Turnaround, Fast Fitting

By now you’ll have realised that the main benefit of our magnets are that they can be fitted in a flash. So a long, drawn-out design process seems like it’ll defeat the point. After all, if you have time to wait, surely you’d wait for vinyl signage instead?

Seymour Sign and Print is the only signage company in the Manchester area that doesn’t add a surcharge on urgent orders. We’ll still do the great sign design job that we’re famed for, but we think that our fees are enough to cover a rush job if you need it. And, because we handle the whole design and printing process in-house at our Salford premises, we don’t have to worry about long lead times.

Magnetic signs will stick to your vehicle and stick in your customers’ minds. So if you need high quality signage in a hurry, make sure you call us for a quote today.

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