Why do I need to pay for artwork & design?

Whilst it may appear that creating visuals or design doesn’t incur a cost, the truth is whilst our designers enjoy their work, they too have to feed themselves, their families, and pay their bills. Their creative vision, and in depth knowledge of the design software is how they make their living. In addition to their modest wages, there’s the essential tools required, computers, email, internet, software, electricity, we’re even kind enough to provide tea and coffee for them, all of which has a cost associated with it.

We often receive requests for quotes that are accompanied by visuals provided by other companies. Whilst they may not have made a charge for those designs or visual, as a company we find it unethical, let alone against the law, to use another designers work.

What if I don’t like the design?

Design is a very subjective, what one person likes, another person may hate, which is why we take the time to discuss your likes and dislikes, discuss the objective of the design. When we discuss designs with you, it helps to be as specific as possible, this will ensure we create a design that accurately meets your design brief.

But it will only take you 5 minutes.

Understandably, our designers are experienced using their chosen design software, they use it daily and is almost second nature. Design fees are frequently queried, because of how quickly, or how easily it was to do. When you work with a designer, you’re paying for their creative talent, but also their experience working with the software which makes it look easy. What may take an experienced designer 20 minutes, could take an inexperienced operator over an hour.

How speculative design work, works.

Here’s a short video, that better explains what speculative work is, how it works, and why as a company we don’t undertake speculative work.