Seymour Sign & Print were approached by A4 Building Services Ltd to sign write their new Vauxhall Master van. A4 Building Services, had originally been recommended to a company known for providing low cost, budget signage. Whilst this company provided an initial free design, they were unresponsive when it came to booking their vehicle in for installation.

Sick of chasing to get their vehicle booked in, they turned to Seymour Sign & Print. Once a budget & style had been established, on receipt of a small deposit Seymour Sign & Print set to work on the design process, generating a new modern logo that better represented their business. Removing some of the dated text and wording, with more emphasis on driving traffic to their social media and websites, which showcases some of their recent work.

If you’re not sure if it’s worth paying for professional design, take drag the sliders over the image below, and see a side by side comparison, we’ve also put together a short video, with a few words from Andy about his experience working with Seymour Sign & Print.

Free Design By Budget CompanyVauxhall Movan Van Branding

Video testimonial from A4 Building Services

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