Clifford Hall WW1

Rifleman Clifford Hall (3634)

Killed in action 27th Feb 1917, near Miraumont, France.

aged 19 years.


Clifford is just one casualty of World War 1, with a distant family connection being the Great, Great Uncle of Director David. The family have discovered a great deal of information about Cliff, and his family.

Cliff’s parents made requests to the Army regarding how he was killed, receiving a standard reply, that Cliff was killed on sentry duty in the trenches and killed instantly. The family have discovered more recently, that he was killed going ‘over the top’ of trenches as part of an attack. This information was gained, following the commanding officer being killed shortly before the offensive, the newly promoted commanding officer, been ‘new’ to the role, kept exceptionally detailed records, unlike more experienced officers where it became just routine to list those killed.

Cliff was originally buried on the battlefield, later exhumed and buried at the commonwealth war graves at Queens Cemetery, Bucquoy, France.

Cliff’s brother Edward, was gassed during World War 1, whilst he survived and returned to his home in Leeds, he never fully recovered from his injuries.

Cliff & Edwards Father, William, went on to serve in World War 2, where he escaped Dunkirk.

David is the last generation of the family to serve in the Armed Forces, where he served as a Submariner with the Royal Navy.

This remembrance day, is the centenary of the Armistice that saw the end of the First World War, we will remember Clifford, and all who gave their lives for their country.