Why do I need to pay a deposit?

Whilst your intentions may be genuine, experience however, has taught us that on occasions some people’s intentions aren’t so genuine.

We’ve a collection of completed orders including signs, printed stationery, and graphics for vehicles, where the customer has failed to collect their finished order.

An uncollected order is of no value, or use to anyone other than the person who placed the order, and eventually ends up being disposed off. Not only does this cost money for the materials and resources used producing them, but it’s taken away time that could have been spent dealing with a genuine customer.

Whilst deposits won’t prevent finished orders not being collected, it shows commitment to the order, in return we commit our time, materials & resources to the order.

A major benefit for our customers is that our time and resources are spent dealing with confirmed orders, ensuring we provide a reliable service.

We play fair, the header image is courtesy of:
Philip Veater