I asked for a price, not a quiz!

We appreciate that price is an important factor in your decision making process, and sometimes it probably feels like we’re asking needless questions rather than just giving you a price, but bear with us, and let us explain why they’re not needless.

There are a lot of variables that go into working out a price, or at least an accurate price range especially when it comes to things like signage and vehicle graphics.

Enquiries like “How much for my van sign written?” provide very little information. In a similar vein, How much is a house? How much to re-wire my house? How much to build a wall? There is no fixed answer.

Our ethos is to be open & honest from the offset, and provide value for money. We feel it unfair to lure you in by advertising unrealistic prices, we want to provide you with an accurate, realistic quotation.

A small van, with a single line of cut vinyl lettering, may cost £80, a full digitally printed vehicle wrap, to a large long wheel base van could be in excess of £1000. We don’t think you’d appreciate it if we replied giving you a price of between £80-£1800. Our questioning is to enable us to give you an accurate price range.

What is the vehicle?
It’s logical that the larger the vehicle, the more material will be required, thus increasing the price. There are many variations of vehicles. It’s a transit van? Doesn’t provide much more information, is it the older shape Transit? A Transit Custom? The larger newer ‘transit’? Long wheel base? Short wheelbase? High or low roof?

These not only affect the price but, is of vital importance when the design process starts. It’s quite embarrassing (and expensive) if you arrive with your vehicle, to only then realise all of the graphics don’t fit because the incorrect template wasn’t used… yes it has happened, despite proofing the design.

Do you have any existing branding?
There are many ways of producing graphics. Either using coloured cut vinyl, or printing your graphics onto adhesive vinyl. There are price differences between the two processes. Some effects can only be created by printing the graphics, and sometimes it’s cheaper to print a graphic than layer multiple colours of vinyl, and sometimes it can be cheaper, and quicker to just cut some coloured vinyl.

If you’ve already got an existing logo, by seeing it, we can determine the best way to produce it. Again enabling us to narrow down the price range.

Have you seen any vans you like the look of?
We’re not going to rip off someones design, but if you’ve seen some vans you like the look of, it can be a great help to send them over. It’ll give our design team a better idea of the kind of coverage and effect you’re looking for. Whether it’s cut vinyl, or a full or partial wrap.

The amount of coverage, the way it produced, the time involved designing the graphics, the manufacturing and installation times all affect price.

What’s your budget?
We can accommodate most budgets. We’re not asking this so we can hike our prices up. We can design your van signs to meet your budget, and manage your expectations. We know we can’t supply a full wrap for £100, but we’ll happily discuss your budget, what options are available.

There are always ways to reduce costs, whether using different materials, adjusting sizes and positions. We want to give you the best vehicle graphics for your budget.