More than a sticker

Occassionally we quote on a job, and the feedback we get is that we’re “too expensive”. We don’t take offense, we don’t want be a “busy fool”, and we price our work accordingly. We know our prices will be more expensive than others, yet we’re also cheaper than some. We periodically review our overheads & costs, we look the machinery we’re using and see if it needs repairs or even upgrading, and we adjust our prices to cover most eventualities.

A few months ago we got asked to quote on some signage for a van. When we followed up the quote, the feedback was it was more expensive than they thought, and they would be in touch when they had the money. The company were neighbours of one of our suppliers/customers who we have a great relationship with, and visit regularly.

It was a surprise one day to visit them to see their neighbour had their signage on their van. From a distance it was clear that it wasn’t to the same standard we’d originally quoted on. Their logo was simply printed on a large piece of rectangular white vinyl. The vinyl being larger than the panel it was fitted onto, and where it ran into the recess and over onto the flat panel, there was an abundance of visible creases.

Perhaps the company are happy with their signage, how it presents their company, and the price they paid. They’d got what they had asked for, some stickers on their van.

We could easily have produced the same, but we choose not to. We take pride in what we do.

Our quotation wasn’t just for a large sticker to be printed. Our quotation included redrawing their logo from the Jpeg they supplied, ensuring it could be scaled without deterioation in quality. Their logo and contact details would sized and positioned onto a scale drawing of their vehicle to ensure the sizing was correct, and a PDF proof supplied. Once approved it would be cut from a quality 5-7 year exterior grade vinyl, before being installed in our dedicated installation bay, by one of our experienced installers. Should a letter crease or tear, we’d have the equipment there to replace it, ensuring a perfect installation.

When you compare quotations you’re not just paying for a sticker, you’re paying for the time and experience of the designer, production team & equipment, the installers. Whilst sometimes it can look easy, it’s taken years of training, practice and experience so that it becomes almost natural.

We’re not saying this company were wrong, and they should have come to us. What we’re saying is, what they received wasn’t what we quoted on, and if they’re happy with their new signage being held on with duct tape, then that’s fine with us.

Poor example of signage on a trailer