There’s some things that may remind you of childhood – sweets being weighed out of jars, playing curby or kerbie in the streets and World Cup sticker albums. These were the days before we all became internet zombies, when school holidays meant you leaving home after breakfast, popping home for a sandwich and being shouted in by mum or dad, when darkness fell.

You may still have fond memories from childhood and those sticker albums, where Johan Cruyff, Jack Charlton and Gerd Müller were all prized collectible pieces.

The strange thing is that Panini have seen a resurgence in recent years, with men (and some women) nostalgically buying a sticker album from the newsagents and hoping they land Raheem Sterling, Karim Benzema and Federico Chiesa to begin the month-long obsession.

That’s all great. Nostalgia and collecting can be fun but we need to come clean now and say that Seymour Sign and Print, a leading vehicle graphics company in Manchester are not Panini.

Let’s explain

When you splash the cash at your local Tesco on a Euro 2020 album, you know what you’re getting – two pages of emptied tiled spaces for each qualifying team. You may be leaning to supporting Wales and long for Gareth Bale to be unearthed from a sticker pack, a Billy Gilmour or a Kalvin Phillips. You can then find the right pahge (handily numbered or coded on the reverse), peel the backing and stick in the correct place. It’s pretty foolproof too if you line up the photo with the border.

Some people see vehicle marketing like this too and it’s a bit silly, if we’re honest.

Course you can get someone to draw up stickers and place them on the back, sides or front of your vans but, unlike your prized Panini collection, the whole world will see these stickers and make a value judgement; probably a negative one.

Let’s give some concrete examples now from work we’ve done recently at our base in Salford Quays.

Look first at this:

Now if that had been designed without the vehicle present there could have been errors. An off the shelf solution for such a complex design would have probably failed. The heading is strategically split between the two rear doors – OUT & ABOUT. Other wording is fully readable too with even the addition of carpet graphics to reinforce what this company does. It’s a bold statement but one that is unmistakable to anyone passing by – this company sells carpets, LVTs, laminates and vinyls and you would never in a month of Sundays create such a look by heading online and getting some agency to design, print and post to you.

Have a look too at our video explainer here for Goldborne Ltd. From design to placement, you can see how we work.

So if you like sticking stuff in albums, carry on with your Panini collections, but if you’re serious about growing your business, increasing sales and brand awareness, you need a bespoke vehicle graphics solution – and for that, you need us.


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