Manchester Sign Company

Helping businesses build their brands since 2010

A family run business, the name Seymour Sign & Print first made it’s appearance in November 2010. Originally operating from Seymour Grove, Old Trafford, where for over 50 years many of family were employed within Design & Printing, pre-dating the luxury of desktop publishing we know enjoy.

Only a short time after establishing itself, the company decided to move from its long standing family home, with the retail shop not proving the most suitable environment for producing signage, and move to it’s current home in Salford, a short distance from Media City UK.

In 2013, the father & son team merged the two sole trading entities into what is now known as Seymour Sign & Print Ltd.

Early on Seymour Sign & Print were supplying a broad spectrum of small format printing (business cards, leaflets, posters) alongside wide format printing (banners, posters) as well signage for buildings and vehicles.

Over the past decade the company has refined it’s offering, whilst it still produces many of those items, Seymour Sign & Print has developed a reputation as the ‘go to’ sign company for vehicle signage, with other sign companies recommending customers to them, this continued to develop by ensuring the company was predominately equipped to produce and install vehicle signage.

It’s not exclusively vehicle signage Seymour Sign & Print produce, they also deliver signage and print solutions. Over more recent years the company has refined it’s offering, working with global businesses, and smaller local businesses, with a strong ethos on providing a friend, professional service.

Some of the brands we've worked with