Manchester office branding experts

Office branding goes beyond a splashing paint on the walls. It’s your opportunity to make an immediate standout impression with customers and visitors to your office, letting them know who you are and what you stand for.

Don’t overlook your office branding, unlike the furniture within your office, the walls and windows are permanent fixtures. Rather than trying to hide an unsightly wall, turn it into a feature.

It’s not only visitors to your offices who benefit from a bright, welcoming work space. Your workforce too should enjoy an inviting workplace. Remind your employees of your company’s ethos, for larger businesses with large or multiple offices, consistent branding ensures staff feel part of a culture. Navigation through larger offices can be eased with visual branding, providing themes or colours for departments or floors.

More than wall stickers …

Signage and Print has come a long way over recent years, with an ever evolving range of products entering the market. No longer is your office signage limited to a simple plaque at the entrance. Now every square inch of your work environment provides doubles itself as a blank canvas for you to make an impact with, from the floor and ceilings, to the walls and windows.

It’s no good just throwing up any old graphics, it’s true what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. It’s worth investing in a well thought out design, that small investment can make an affordable graphic look like it cost many times more.

Rest assured your investment in the design won’t be wasted on your office branding.

Not all materials are created equal, our team will select the correct material for your needs, ensuring your graphics look their best for years to come, providing you with great value for the duration of their application.

… it’s branding for staff and visitors

When renovating your work space, it’s understandable to want things look perfect. There may be nothing wrong with your existing furniture, but it doesn’t quite fit with the new look. New furniture is expensive, and it’s sometimes impossible to find furniture that matches.

Rather than you disposing of perfectly functional furniture, or purchasing new furniture, an increasing compromise is rejuvenating furniture, from office desks, receptions, pillars and even doors with architectural adhesive films.

Our architectural films come in a wide selection of finishes, with realistic textures, fire rated and suitable for use in internal office environments.

With Zoom and Google Meets replacing many face-to-face client meetings, it’s important that your camera backdrop dresses to impress.