Window graphics …

With glass being incorporated more and more into construction and refurbishment projects, the need for window manifestations and decoration has never been greater.

Building regulations requires glazing throughout a building that people may walk into, to have features which make its presence known. You may have seen these manifestations that are typically squares or dots across the glazing. Whilst we can supply you with these ‘standard’ manifestations, you can also use your imagination to create a more unique impression, whilst meeting building regulations.

… to window films

Window Films can also be used where you have a need for enhanced privacy.

Using semi opaque films to increase your privacy without excessively reducing light within your rooms. You could add some colour, maintaining your corporate branding, or to identify different floors, departments or rooms.

We have a wide selection of vinyls and films to suit any application. Your window vinyl is produced here in Manchester by our production staff, before being installed with the greatest care and attention to detail by our teams of installers.