Smart Van Graphics Manchester

Unless you’ve been on Planet Zog, you can’t help but notice various issues affecting us following Covid 19 and the B word. One of the strangest quirks has been the shortage of semi-conductor chips, which has affected the new and used vehicle market alike. If you bought a car, or van, a year or so ago, chances are it’s done something they never do.

Appreciate in value.

Not depreciate.

Once upon a time, when you bought a new car, van, you’d lose 20% of the value as soon as you left the dealership, but these are not normal times and because supply is low, with high demand, prices are increasing.

It’s a tale we hear daily from business owners at Seymour Sign and Print. Their own fleet or single van is due for an upgrade but new ones can be difficult to source, even though trade-in values are great. So what can you do as a business person looking to refresh your fleet?

Firstly, you can sit on your hands and be patient. Car and van dealers expect the supply crisis of semi-conductor chips to ease in 2022. You can wait until then, knowing your own van or vans probably won’t depreciate.

Or secondly, you can make them look new with very smart van graphics Manchester from us.

Now obviously, being biased, we’d prefer you to take the second option! But if you’re patient, just come to us for van wraps in 2022 to promote your business and services in the areas you cover.

The second option is increasingly popular and for good reason. You can make a 3 year old van stand out from the crowded roads and streets with some new graphics. These not only showcase what you do, but can revive the look of your fleet, by covering faded paintwork and the odd scratch.

Now don’t get us wrong, we can’t make an 11 plate Ford Transit look like a 21 plate but we can make it look a million times better than most 10 year old vans.

Our graphics look the part.

They’re expertly designed and fitted by a trained team of specialists at our base in Salford Quays, which is convenient for so many businesses across Greater Manchester. Many of our vehicle graphic orders come from word of mouth recommendation and repeat orders. If you’re happy with a service, you tell others, and if you’re delighted, you become a loyal customer. We have many like that at Seymour Sign and Print.

Van graphics Manchester are not a cheap solution – and why should they be? They’re a visual prop for your brand. If they look cheap, if they look like they’ve been ordered online and applied at home, what signals are you sending about the quality of your own work?

Instead, look at like this.

Marketing has to form a part of your budget – whether that’s physical printing, networking or social media paid promotions. Your van or vans needs to be part of your branding and marketing arsenal.

We have hundreds of happy customers across the north west who trust us to deliver – if you’re looking for something that stands out, will last for years and make an older (or newer) van look the business, pick up the phone and call David now: 0161 925 0581.