Are Van Signs Manchester a Good Marketing Technique?

We will begin this blog post with a reminder – we don’t do full car wraps.

There, we’ve said it.

Weight off our minds – and yours?

We can move on instead to Manchester van signs

Manchester, Salford is thronged with commercial traffic night and day. It’s hardly surprising given the population density of the two cities.

Salford has 260,000 residents spread over its centre and suburbs, whilst its close neighbour Manchester eclipses its figures with over 550,000, making it the 5th largest city in the UK.

These figures don’t show the full story though – as many cities like London are seeing a loss of residents, who work and live there, Manchester has seen a 20% increase.

Why the population growth?

Manchester has always had a certain cachet, but the last 30 years have seen it become a desirable place to call home. We love being based here. The city centre has been transformed, the Northern Quarter and Ancoats village are unrecognisable from the 1980s. The southern suburbs of Didsbury have eternal appeal too.

So what does this mean for your business in Manchester?

Any existing business or a fledgling one can be certain that Manchester, along with Salford, is on an upward trajectory with investment and regeneration. The city centre may have emptied in 2020, due to Covid 19 and lockdown restrictions, but, if and when, life returns to normal, Manchester (to use a very local term) will be buzzing!

It’s always been renowned for its retail scenes, its musical roots, its eclectic and cosmopolitan wining and dining landscape. It was the birthplace of innovation during the Industrial Revolution and has continued to reinvent itself as a tourist hotspot and salubrious place to call home.

What about van signs Manchester?

We hope you enjoyed our hymn to Manchester. But now it’s time to deliver on the van signs Manchester title.

Your commercial vehicle, or fleet of vans and lorries, is a moving advert (or static in traffic jams) for your business. It forms your identity. It is part of your brand marketing.

If you’re starting out as a new company in Manchester, your name needs to be given airtime. Branded vehicles do that very cost effectively and efficiently. They make you stand out from the generic white van man. They form part of your branding credibility.

Same with an established company.

You don’t want your vans to look tatty with cheap stickers added as an afterthought, do you?

You invest in an online presence, so why not physical?

The internet has revolutionised the way we work and function. You, as a new business or an established one, have probably invested money in your website, your social media channels, your content marketing. You’ve probably spent even more on premises, but how much have you invested on your vehicles that people will see daily?

Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician, or you’re running a company with multiple vans on the streets of Manchester, you want to make that winning impression.


Invest in van signs Manchester with us

There’s no doubt that we can make a real visual impact on your liveried vans with our professionally designed and installed van graphics. We have a team of expert designers and fitters in our workshop in Salford Quays, waiting to deliver results for you.

You’ve probably made an impact online, with digital marketing. 

You now need to replicate and reinforce your company name, values and branding with professional, weatherproof van signs from us, at Seymour Sign and Print.

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