You get what you pay for – prices often equal quality

If you do a Google search for vehicle graphics in Manchester, car wraps in Manchester, you’re presented with a smorgasbord of choices. Google Ads will leap out at you to click and you may well do. You may be looking for car stickers or van lettering you can apply yourself and be impressed with how inexpensive it can be.

But how do you rate your own time and expertise? If you’re going to spend 3 hours applying the graphics and be uncertain how they will look, are off the peg stickers the best advert for your business? Our process is different.

Very different.

There’s a reason why premium brands never do sales. They know people trust them. Apple, for example, will never have 20% off an iPhone for a week. You wouldn’t walk into an Apple store at the Trafford Centre and start haggling. They give a small business reduction but you’re not going to get £200 off an iPhone by asking.

Now we’re not comparing our modest vehicle graphics business in Salford to Apple. We don’t make trillions in profit, nowhere near! But what we do have are customers, like those at Apple, who come back time and time again and recommend us to others.

We also have the vehicle graphics equivalent of Apple’s Genius Bar. You know the one where your iPad won’t boot up, your MacBook is frozen and the bearded men and women at Apple fix it (generally). We’re a bit like that as I’ve got an eye for military precision. You may, or may not know, that I spent 4 and a half years in the Royal Navy. Working and living on HMS Vanguard as a sonar operator.

Now, I didn’t spend time on there thinking about van and lorry graphics. I didn’t see a ship and wonder why its name was a bit … wonky.

But I do now!

Look at this. Looks the part doesn’t it? But there was one section not correctly aligned – so we changed it at no cost.

Call me OCD, call me a perfectionist or call me on 0161 925 0581

But when Seymour Sign and Print are trusted with your car, van or fleet of them, we see this as a privilege. It’s your brand we’re promoting and you and the public don’t want to see average or poor vehicle graphics when you’re on the M60, the East Lancs road or delivering goods in Worsley or Walkden. We want you to know you’ve paid a proper price and got value for money and longevity from our work.

You can always design stickers online. You can stick these on your car or van. And save money.

Or you can pay us to design, install and evaluate the vehicle graphics and because me, David, is a perfectionist, I’ll cast my beady eye over it and make sure it’s outstanding. If it’s not, trust me, we will recut and replace – think of us like Apple, but without the beards and their profits!

Want to know more? Want to have a full or partial wrap as part of your marketing strategy, contact our expert vehicle graphics team today.