Digital Imaging FX Internal Signage

Business: Digital Imaging Effects

Objective: Implementation of branding to their office space, and external signage to identify their office.

Following a recommendation from an existing customer and neighbouring business, Digital Imaging Effects approached Seymour Sign & Print for some internal office branding. After communicating with Digital Imaging FX, and explaining the options, and providing estimates for the options, they decided to opt for a acrylic logo for inside their office, with a small stand off acrylic sign outside to identify their office to visitors.

Initially Digital Imaging Effects, had intended on having the internal logo produced from a 5mm gloss black acrylic, however, after looking at artwork, and sizes available, Seymour Sign & Print advised against this, with the small character size making is difficult to secure the fixings to such small key strokes, and that the fixings would be visible and somewhat unsightly behind each letter.

An alternative was proposed using a 10mm gloss black acrylic that was bonded directly to the wall, still creating that 3d effect, without any unsightly fixings, or the need to drill numerous holes into the fabric of the office.

Signage installed:

5mm Etch Effect Acrylic Sign, fitted with barrel locators

10mm Gloss Black, Laser Cut acrylic logo.