How can we be experts in stickers?

From the outside, it doesn’t appear overly difficult producing ‘stickers’ and ‘sticking’ them to things. Like most skilled trades people, their years of experience makes it look easy. We were recently contacted by a garage equipment supplier, to produce some replacement graphics for one of their new garage ramps they had sold.

With global shipping still being hit and miss, they’d sourced the ramp from an alternative supplier in Europe. On arrival they were impressed with the build quality of the ramp, however the branding on the ramp fell short of the high standards they and their customers expected.

Webber Garage Lift stickers

We took a photograph of the original logo, using our Adobe Software to convert the logo into a vector, meaning the colours were infinitely editable, but the logo could now be scaled without any loss of quality.

Matching the corporate colours, the stickers were printed onto a 7 year digital vinyl, with an easy apply adhesive to aid the customer installation on site, and finished with a matching gloss laminate to enhance the durability of the stickers, where they’re likely to get knocked and banged, and exposed to various oils and chemicals.