Is it still true that a bad workman blames his tools?

Language is a funny thing isn’t it and idioms or sayings are amongst the strangest.

Imagine being in France or Spain and being asked where the term “different kettle of fish” comes from, and then, being invited to say it in French or Spanish so it makes sense. It makes little sense as an idiom in English, but other sayings may cross borders better and “A bad workman blames his tools” may carry meaning in Manchester, Marseille and Madrid.

This latest blog post looks at tools, and why machinery may date, but an eye for design and, dare we say, perfection doesn’t date.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work on vehicle graphics, office signage and stationery. We’re not the cheapest, but we do deliver time and time again and it’s why much of our business comes from repeat customers or word of mouth recommendation.

David and his team were fantastic. This is the 2nd van of our’s they’ve sign written and the finished van looks great. They even fitted us in at short notice when I was in the area.

Richard Brown

What we offer is years of experience in graphics for vehicles, retail units and offices and, when things go wrong, we’re not the types who point at our equipment, or you as the customer, and pass the blame on.

That serves little purpose, long term, for a business – agree?

Let’s take an example.

When we are commissioned to wrap a van, if a graphic is misaligned or not properly proofed, we don’t dig our heels in (another old idiom) and blame the printer or the client. We remedy it, there and then, and learn from it.

If you want cheap stickers for a vehicle, you can head to Google search and have someone design and post them but, we think, the final look will be a very different kettle of fish to the look achieved by us.

You’ll pay more for us, obviously, but many pay a premium for German cars, Apple iPhones and tech, when they know another brand may well be cheaper. A £100 Alcatel phone will do many of the things a new iPhone can do – like go on apps, make calls and send messages, but why do so many pay much, much more for Apple?

They are better.

Now we’re not comparing our team with an Apple store in Manchester or the Trafford Centre. We don’t make profits of 1 trillion a year, obviously, but what we do share, we believe, is their attention to detail and their legendary customer service at our own Genius Bar in Salford Quays.

If you’re looking for premium design services, call or email us today. If you’re uncertain, look at our social media pages and the kind reviews left by so many happy customers on Google, like this one from Rob:

Thanks to Seymour Sign and Print for such an amazing job on my cherry picker which can be seen on their Instagram page. From start to finish the process was straight forward, nice and easy…deposit paid, artwork sent from Dave, van booked in and dropped off, then I picked up a fully signed up van!!!…nice and simple, can’t recommend them enough for such a cracking job, well pleased with the end result thanks to Dave and Paul.

Rob Brearley