Zeno Software Review


Seymour Sign & Print recently invested in the Zeno software package, provided by leading materials supplier Spandex. Primarily offering vehicle signage, and partial commercial van wraps, Seymour Sign & Print saw the 3d renders Zeno produces and instantly saw the advantages it could bring to customers.

Taking the designs produced on 2d scaled drawings, Zeno transforms these onto an ever growing database of vehicle models, and produces realistic 3d rendered photos, and even videos, that can be share with clients.

With vehicle wraps in particular, the 2d drawings can make it challenging for customers to imagine what the finished wrap will look like, especially where it transitions from sides.

Above are couple of examples of the images that Zeno can render, there is of course a limitation to what the software can produce, with the angles of these photos set in stone depending on the scene used. Some like the next image are pretty useless for ‘signage’ but we can see the benefit if you’re trying to present colour change wraps.

So whilst there are limitations, it does provide benefits, and producing similar visuals within other software is a time consuming process. Once the design is replicated within Zeno, it’s reasonably easy to output images or video renderings to present to clients.

Overview – Whilst the scenes and images are limited, and there’s a small selection of commercial vehicles already loaded, hopefully it will continue. The examples above were designed to go onto a long wheel base crew cab – One of the vehicles that is missing from Zeno. Also to add the van the wrap is intended for doesn’t have painted rear bumpers, but as of yet we can’t suss out how the mask those, or change the rear bumper to a matt black wrap.

That said, a bit of a compromise for proofing, it gives a different, more impactful impression of how the wrap will look, and works great alongside the usual 2d visuals. There’s an additional benefit that if you’re a company who offers ‘prospective’ artwork, its harder to mimic the artwork from the videos, or renders. The outputs also make great social media content too!

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