What are the benefits of using graphics in the car industry?

Unless you’re Apple or Amazon, you probably want more business. Though, we doubt, at Seymour Sign and Print, that neither Tim Cook nor Jeff Bezos, rest on their laurels.

Wanting and getting more business though are two different things and in this latest post, we will look at the question:

Now we will try not to be too biased but remain objective as vehicle graphics form a substantial part of this business. But because everyone loves an easy-to-digest list, we won’t disappoint and add one, with more detailed explanations afterwards.

  1. Grab attention
  2. Non-aggressive advertising
  3. Cost-effective (note we didn’t say cheap!)
  4. Local marketing
  5. Protective
  6. Mobile
  7. Wide audience

Grab Attention

Done well, as with any form of marketing, vehicle graphics grab attention. Companies, big and small, pay thousands for advertising on strategic billboards or on electronic displays at bus stops and will pay much more to have these designed and worded well. Your van, your car needs to be similarly attention grabbing – or eye catching. Unlike a billboard, your vehicles move and are not static so they need to stand out. We do that every single day for companies from our base near Salford Quays, with many clients coming back time and time again because we design vehicle graphics that grab attention.

Non-aggressive advertising

Rather than you asking Siri or Alexa to play a certain song, or for you to Google local removal companies, we mean that vehicle graphics are non-aggressive. Your social media feed will not suddenly become cluttered with the businesses you’ve seen on your M60 commute. That builder or window fitter van you spotted, that grabbed attention, is not going to magically appear online without you looking for it. You won’t suddenly get an email from those companies with wrapped vans. You see what we’re getting at? Vehicle graphics need to be eye-catching and attractive. They need to sell a service – but they are not invasive or aggressive.


You may have noticed during November and Black Friday that certain companies are a bit, dare we say, cautious with discounts. Apple was one for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Rather than scythe 20% from the cost of a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example, for a weekend, they offered gift vouchers – for, you guessed it, Apple. Vehicle graphics companies fall into two camps generally – the ones where you submit a design and they print, leaving you to install (often badly, we may add) or companies like us who take branding seriously and know you’re paying good money for something that is eye-catching, durable and will generate sales. If you want a £30 wrap, then we’re not for you. But if you want to look premium, exude an aura of quality and professionalism, we need to talk.

Local marketing

Going off on a tangent, did you know that the average house move used to be 20 miles? Now it’s under 4 miles. So? People remain anchored in local areas and with the recent lockdowns, and pandemic, movement has been curtailed further as many now work from home. This has some significance for your business – if people aren’t relocating for jobs, or moving areas, you need to be at the top of your game with local marketing. Take us, for example. We don’t target the south east, the south west, Wales, Scotland, the north east. No our customer base is the north west – Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside. Why? For practical reasons. We want customers to bring cars, vans and lorries for vehicle graphics into our fully-equipped workshop in Salford Quays so we can fit graphics to the highest standards. If something doesn’t look right or you spot an error in the email address or telephone number, we can reprint and fit. We want you to be seen locally and tell others who did your beautiful graphics!


Vehicle graphics act as paintwork protection too, as well as a mobile, eye-catching, local sales machine. Vinyl vehicle wraps offer a form of protection for your vehicles against scratches and small dents. Specialists can also easily remove vinyl vehicle wraps without damaging the vehicle’s paint. Wraps help to keep your vehicles in pristine condition for when you need to trade them in or sell them. Not that you will, when you see them liveried by us!


Billboards are static, leaflets through doors are disposable, Facebook ads and Instagram boosts are transitory. A beautifully designed and installed set of vinyl branded graphics moves. It travels on roads, to jobs. It parks at a Tesco or Asda. It sits on a drive or road at night. It tells the world what you do and how to contact you. It’s also a one-off cost. You don’t pay us to wrap your Vivaro and then have to pay us more to maintain or promote. Ok, you will as your company grows, but your get the idea? A van, a car, a lorry, or multiples of these will attract looks and when someone needs new carpets, new windows, an extension, they will think of your company that they’ve seen on roads and their estate and are likely to contact you. We hope!

Wide audience

There’s a reason companies pay millions to promote their brand at the Etihad or Old Trafford. Audiences are huge. We’re not just talking those attending, but thew global audience who are tuned in to watch Manchester City or Manchester United. Adidas paid Man Utd £750 million over 10 years to be on their strip! That was in 2014 too. Now we’re not saying you’ll have millions paying Sky to watch your van! But we don’t ask for £75 million to dress the van. BUT. Your vehicles, like City, United, Liverpool or Everton, will have a wide audience.

If you can think of any other reasons for vehicle graphics, be sure to add a comment to this blog or on our active social media channels.

When you’re looking to improve vehicle marketing, come to us at Seymour Sign and Print.

You’ll be impressed – trust us.