Branding Drives Employee Motivation & External Brand Perception

We live in a world where external branding is vital to gain footfall and awareness to your products and services. Internal branding, however, is the backbone to any organisation as it creates a shared identity, a collective mindset and collaborative way of working. It instils family values, unity, and passion and that is what makes and builds an organisation.  

A well-designed internal brand shines externally. When employees connect with the brand, it has such a positive impact on how they work with each other and collectively with customers and stakeholders; both internally and externally. It’s that ‘ripple effect’. Internal branding can transform the workplace into a vibrant home and staff into enthusiastic and committed ambassadors. 

Internal branding is the unsung hero, quietly but powerfully shaping the business from within. Within this post we learn more about the importance of internal branding and the way that Seymour Sign & Print can work collaboratively with you to ensure internal branding is at the heart of your business. 

What is Internal Branding?

Every inch of your workspace is a blank canvas, offering you a real mix and array of opportunities when it comes to internal branding and creating your business and its values from within. Think walls, windows, ceilings, doors, furniture and desks; all of these can often be overlooked as a place to advertise your brand and can be a fantastic platform to transform your workplace into a vibrant, enthusiastic, committed, and collaborative space. 

Each surface becomes a potential storyteller for your brand. Investing in a well thought out design isn’t just an expense; it is a clever and strategic investment that can turn an affordable graphic into something visually brilliant and can be the platform that grows your business from within. Internal branding is a way to create a story, your story and narrative.  

Cultural Alignment 

Internal branding can align and grow your company’s culture by ensuring that employees incorporate the brand’s values in their daily work and interactions. As mentioned, internal branding is the backbone of any organisation; the core that creates a shared identity, a collective mindset, and a culture of collaboration; creating a sense of belonging. 

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more likely to be brand ambassadors. Internal branding creates an inclusive and positive work environment which only enhances employee commitment. This heightened commitment often translates into increased productivity and innovation, building a workplace culture where employees feel empowered and motivated to actively contribute to the success of the brand.


We all know communication is key and this is no different.  Clear and consistent communication about the company’s goals, vision and values is crucial for internal branding. This can easily be achieved through internal campaigns, training programs, and regular updates.  These can be incorporated into signs on walls, doors, and desks for example. 

How Can we Help at Seymour Sign & Print?

When revamping your workspace, the quest for perfection is understandable. Your existing furniture might be functional, but perhaps it doesn’t quite fit with your new vision and aesthetic. Opting for entirely new furniture can be expensive and so rather than discarding perfectly functional furniture or investing in expensive replacements; here at Seymour Sign & Print we offer architectural adhesive prints that can be used to revitalise your furniture. This applies not only to office desks and receptions but extends to pillars and even doors.  

Our array of architectural films boasts a diverse selection of finishes, complete with realistic textures. They are not only fire-rated but are also suitable for internal office environments. As virtual platforms like Zoom and Google Meet have replaced numerous face-to-face client meetings, the importance of ensuring your camera backdrop makes a lasting impression has surged. These films provide an elegant solution, offering a backdrop that not only impresses during virtual interactions but also breathes new life into your existing functional furniture, building that collaborative and inclusive way of working.

Please complete our online form with as much information as possible and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, please call us on 0161 925 0581 and we can discuss your vision and requirements and how we can work collaboratively; with you to achieve your branding goals.