A car can take you from A-B but a branded fleet is a sight to see!

Business owners spend millions of hours and pounds on marketing and branding.

From websites, to shop fronts, it’s a great way of attracting a new customer, just like something shiny draws in a magpie.

But one underrated form of branding many fail to consider are the vehicles they drive around in every day.

“What good can slapping my logo on a van do?” I hear you cry.

Quite a lot actually, keep reading.

1.       Your customers get familiar with you.

People always prefer dealing with someone they know.

So, if your businesses vehicles are driving here, there and everywhere in your local area, customers can and will see you.

Whether you’re nipping out in the Audi to Sainsbury’s, or delivering some goods to a customer, your sheer presence doesn’t only make customers feel they “know” you, but it helps shift the perception you are a faceless brand, and instead humanises you.

And the more they see your branded vehicles, the more likely they are to remember you, should they (or their friends) need your services.

Not bad for nipping out for a loaf of bread eh?

2.       You grab people’s attention.

Do you remember the last van to pull up behind you, or the car that let you out at the T junction?

Course not, because they were likely to be a generic vehicle and unless they cut you off and gave you the two fingered salute, they’ll be banished to your unconscious memory.

But a branded vehicle? Especially if brightly coloured will stand out from every other vehicle.

Because people are attracted to bright colours and interesting sights, by using interesting graphics, you naturally draw people’s gaze, and cement your brand in their memories.

Just make sure you don’t carve them up on the A road.

3.       You’ll be more cost efficient.

If you wanted to buy space on a roadside billboard, it’s going to cost you hundreds, if not thousands.

And that’s only for a few weeks, at best.

Compare that to the average (much lower) cost of getting your vehicle wrapped, plus the fact that a wrap can last between 5-8 years when looked after well, and your return on investment will be astronomical.

After all, it just needs to reach that one customer that wouldn’t have ordinarily found you, for the wrap to pay for itself, and then some.

4.       You never have to worry about scrapes and dings.

Their ability to massively improve your marketing aside. Branding wraps on your vehicle can protect the paint from the day-to-day wear and tear vehicles experience.

Whether it’s a rogue piece of gravel, or that “wonderful” individual who parks right next to you when the entire car park is empty then opening their door too enthusiastically. You won’t have to worry about paint or bodywork as much, plus when you eventually replace a branding wrap, it’ll cause no damage to your vehicle!

It all helps your asset depreciate a little bit less.

5.       Your advertising is more friendly, and convenient.

Don’t you just hate it when there’s a pop-up advert when you just want to read something on a webpage?

Or if you have to watch a 2-minute advert to watch a 30 second video?

Of course, you do, and so do your customers.

But a branded vehicle fleet grabs your customer’s attention, without interrupting their day, because it takes advantage of people’s tendency to let their eyes wander.

And when they notice it on the off chance, rather than getting annoyed with your brand, they’ll associate you with their very own “aha!” moment.

So, before you think about paying for an advert campaign, billboards or yet another business podcast.

Try wrapping your vehicle in your brand, and reap the rewards!

Contact our friendly Manchester vehicle signage today to stand out from the crowd.

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