A case study – Izzi’s ice cream parlour Eccles

If you’re familiar with the north west, you’ll know of Eccles. It’s home to the self-titled Eccles cake, which originates from 1793 and arguably much further to Eccles Wakes, which commemorated the feast of St Mary and the construction of Eccles church.

It’s also a town famed for its associations with Steve Coogan – not the Alan Partridge character who is planted in Norfolk – but the foul-mouthed brother and sister comedy caricatures, Paul and Pauline Calf, with many of their short lived TV diaries filmed in Eccles.

It’s a town under 4 miles from our base in Salford too and we were delighted to be invited there to do the signage for an ice cream parlour – Izzi’s who you can find on Instagram here or physically in Church Street, Eccles.

%name Izzis

So what did we do for Izzi’s?

This –

✔️ Built up illuminated logo sign
✔️ Built up sign tray with stand off chrome letters
✔️ Digitally printed wraps to fridge unit
✔️ Digitally printed wrap to an ice cream machine
✔️ Digitally printed wrap to freezer and cupboard units.

We’re finding too, that at the moment, with lockdown easing, retailers are readying themselves for footfall. And no doubt, consumers, sick of the daily walk, and masked wanders round supermarkets are longing to wander towns and cities, eat and drink out, after almost a year of relative confinement.

%name Izzis

Branding of your business is something we do and do well

The global pandemic has made businesses leaner and reappraise how and where they work. WFH is now a well known abbreviation, and furlough is a commonly used word.

Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind. – Walter Landor

With the high street awakening from slumber, it may be the perfect time for you to rebrand, launch a new business to capitalise on that expected surge in shoppers in Eccles, Manchester and Salford.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. – Seth Godin

Without a strong brand behind your product line, there’s little to compel a buyer to choose you over another option. And with so many options in most markets today, branding is more important than ever.

Izzi’s is all ready to make an impact when the high street reopens.

Are you ready? If so give us a call on: ☎️ 0161 925 0581