A vehicle graphics academy opens on Teesside

According to a news report that caught our eye this week, vehicle graphics is a rapidly emerging industry. So much so that one expert in the north east of England has decided to open a “Vehicle Graphics Academy”. We welcome this too as professionals in the field as we are often asked to “rescue” DIY jobs where graphics are ordered online and fitted at home.

The attraction for anyone fitting their own is obvious. It saves money. But does it save time and do DIY sticker jobs stand the test of time? We’d say No, No, No (There’s No Limits?) Cue an ear worm – sorry!

The point is multi-layered though, a bit like bespoke car or van graphics from us.

We all like to think we have an eye for design and can create a template for our Ford Fiesta commercial or Ford Ranger trucks, email that to a graphics company and camp next to the letterbox. They arrive, you prepare the Fiesta or Ranger, follow instructions and 9 times out of 10, if not more, you’ll feel disappointed with the job you’ve done.

You can’t misalign a stripe, a word, some letters and say “That’ll do” if you’re serious about branding and growing your business. You can’t easily peel bits off and reach back into the package for a spare T or W.

But you can with us, at Seymour Sign and Print, near Manchester.

We don’t deliver graphics / stickers / wraps to your home or business via post or courier. No. But we do deliver, every single working day, with vehicle graphics on our premises near Salford Quays. And make customers happy.

If a section at the front, side or rear of your Transit or Caddy looks wrong, we can reprint and replace on the premises. You don’t have to head online and wait for the postman or woman to send you new ones. It’s what we do. And do well.

It’s pleasing then to see Dave Todd here using his own graphics skills to train others. It is not an easy thing to learn and master. If you glance at the Preparation section, you should be able to work out the levels of involvement and skills needed.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not putting ourselves and others who are great at vehicle graphics in the same category as surgeons or world-class athletes. But what we are saying is that if you want expertise, you need to contact me, David Hammond, at our place.

I’m not ready to form a coaching or training academy for this business to pass on his skills. I’m too busy managing this workload and the repeat customers we see constantly. But I applaud others for recognising vehicle graphics as a real skill and teaching others how to do it well.

In the meantime, if Teesside is too big a trek for you, you’ll find Seymour Sign and Print conveniently located for all towns and cities across Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

Get us in your sat nav, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay:

14 The Cobden Centre,
Vere Street,
M50 2PQ

Phone: 0161 925 0581

We look forward to transforming your vehicle branding!

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