Are friends electric?

A news item that caught the team’s eye today was about new build homes. The article stated that there is an expectation that all new properties must come equipped with Electric Vehicle Chargers. It will be law. This has caused some raising of eyebrows, but we think it’s a logical technological advance.

Don’t you?

The one thing holding many people back from investing in EVs is the lack of a charging infrastructure. Those 4 charging points at your local supermarket or leisure centre are not going to be easily available when everyone makes the switch. There’s also the question of EV range. Unless you have the money to buy into Tesla or Audi E Tron, many electric cars and vans have a range of between 150 to 200 miles and less in congested urban conditions.

We do think then that having fast charging points at home is a forward move.

When homes were first built for human habitation, outside toilets were the norm. No one would accept that now. We all expect fast fibre broadband in our homes too and builders and developers put this in place, along with gas, electricity and water so an EV charging point is not such a stretch for these companies and households.

We also believe that this new stipulation will create supply problems – we all know how the pandemic has affected supply of semi-conductor chips for computers and cars. There’s been a once in a lifetime rise in the values of used cars and commercial vehicles, with many businesses simply unable to buy new stock.

Which brings us neatly to the opportunities that home EV charging creates for businesses across Manchester

You decide to invest in training, equipment and personnel for this next technological wave. As EVs become a common, even compulsory, sight across the UK, you are likely to face huge demand for installing and maintaining EV charging points.

That new estate being built in Bolton or Bury will need EV charging points and your business can tender for these.

A part of your marketing armoury though needs to be vehicle branding. You will invest, probably, in a website, create and manage social media channels and buy business stationery. Your vans, though, fitting these points will be seen daily on roads, estates and at businesses.

If your vehicle branding stands out, you’re on your way to creating an outstanding EV Charging installation business in Salford or Sale.

When you’re parked up on an industrial estate, a business park, other eyeballs are going to clock your fleet of vehicles and, once branded by Seymour Sign and Print, they’ll be noticed and like pushing a domino, or skimming a stone in a pond, you should create a ripple effect of demand.

We know this applies to any businesses too.

Branding your fleet of lorries, vans or cars is effective and long-lasting marketing.

Whatever you think of Teslas, Nissan Leafs and Mini Cooper Electrics, there’s no doubt that they’re not a passing eco fad and are a big part of our future.

If you’re a business selling products or services, you need to capitalise on new ways of life.

Vehicle branding is something we do and do well.

Contact us today.

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