For Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, Skype – how’s your office branding?

The past two years, with Covid 19, has changed the way we live and work. From lockdowns to furloughs, from bubbles to remote working, new vocabulary have entered the daily vocabulary and no one is puzzled, any more, by a word like “furlough”.

Video conferencing apps have come to the fore too. Zoom meetings have become normal, replacing so many team and client meetings. Apple has introduced a feature called “Centre Stage” on newer iPads to track movements and shift focus.

Additionally, the company reports huge demand for its new iMac 24 with studio quality microphones and web cams of 1080p quality at last!

What relevance has this though to you? How does it relate to the services we offer?

It’s very relevant and relatable. You see we’ve recently received record orders for internal signage  and not locally either as you may expect. No. Unlike vehicles where you need to come to Salford to get a car of van fully or partially wrapped, office signage can be designed and ordered – you guessed – via Zoom, or phone call, or email.

We created one for Stuart Walton of Get Pro Copy – a large frosted, reverse-printed sign of his logo and name to hang in his home office in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk:

And lo and behold, another order followed from Norfolk, miles from our base, for Darren’s Drains:

The orange theme was purely coincidental by the way!

So why did Stuart and Darren invest in these and choose Seymour Sign and Print?

Firstly, Stuart works closely with us anyway on web design. Darren saw the acrylic sign we produced for Stuart and wanted one. Why?

Because of branding and the proliferation of video calls.

You see, if you’re working from home or a dedicated unit, whether it’s a shop, a café, an office, you want the “backdrop” to look professional. You want people to look at you and the surroundings and form a positive value judgement – that they’d trust you to buy products and services from.

Ok, you can install backdrops of digital wallpaper of mountains and seas, but everyone knows that’s inauthentic. A sign like Darren’s, Stuart’s and many others we’ve done, signals professionalism in video calls, your YouTube videos and Instagram and Facebook stories and posts. It’s part of your brand awareness and marketing.

What’s more, such signs have silver spacing blocks, drilled holes, screws and rail plugs supplied so you can make a great first impression – assuming you can find your drill. They look great too, serve a marketing purpose and are incredibly popular in these days of working from home.\

What may surprise you too, as it did with Darren and Stuart, is the relatively low cost for such high quality signage. It’s not £20 and it’s not £2000, but our expertise, design nous and equipment means that we can create these cost-effectively for you.

We’re anticipating too adding this as a service to the website, where you can choose a size, submit a logo and pay online or on receipt of signs.

What do you think of home office and office signage?

A good idea or a great idea?

If you’d like to revamp your signage outside or inside, contact us today!