How many hours do you spend driving a year?

You may quickly answer the title by saying “I haven’t got a clue!” and to be fair, why would you, unless you drive for a living and you could probably make an educated guess.

We’re in a time though when data is called the new oil and we’re awash with statistics and calculations. 

Think of the nigh of general elections – you may have sat up eagerly when polls closed at 10pm on 13th December 2019 wondering what the night would bring as votes were counted. We all knew though, regardless of how you voted, at 10.05 pm that there was to be a Conservative party landslide. Exit polls said this and they were right – Boris Johnson secured an 80 seat majority.

If they can predict the result from millions of postal and paper votes, you know it’s not impossible to tell you average driving hours per head of UK population.

Care to guess?

It’s 456 hours a year.

That’s the equivalent of driving for 24 hours for 19 days.

Quite some time, don’t you think?

If we spend that long driving, imagine what we see.

We look forward, to the rear and to the side. We look up at traffic lights. We notice a car getting too close or driving too slowly or quickly and, when we park up, we look at cars and buildings around us.

Driving requires attention and lots of it.

But when we’re driving or paused or stopped at junctions, lights or on a delivery, people will look at your vehicle. It’s human nature to people and car watch isn’t it? If you’re a business, running a fleet of cars and vans, you want to be noticed. It’s why so many companies wisely invest in vehicle graphics. It’s free too.

We say “free” loosely as there is the initial cost of investing in the graphics. But once installed, your marketing is free. You’re not paying anyone, like Facebook or Google, for “impressions” or “clicks”. If your vehicle is suitably striking, with high quality graphics and clever design, you will attract eyeballs and customers.

We know that.

It’s why property developers, estate agents and large enterprises invest in vehicle graphics from a company like us – your vehicle will attract attention. And sales.

Let’s give an example.

You run a flooring company, with bases in Bolton and Bury. You specialise in LVTs, carpets and laminates. You tender for, and win a contract, for a new development of 100 houses. You need those vans to be seen on that estate, looking their best. Why? Because passing traffic, pedestrians and homebuyers and viewers will see your company, make a mental note or snap a photo on their iPhone as they need new flooring or know someone who does.

If 10 flooring vans sat on the unmade roads with no signage, you’d probably get no new interest and no new enquiries.

When your floor fitters are driving home at 6pm, other road users see the vans and branding, and, once home, in Horwich or Heywood, those graphics, your services are seen by neighbours and other traffic.

Why do you think estate agents are so keen to have a board saying For Sale or To Let in a neighbourhood?

Because they’re silent sentries of sales.

Your van, your car, your fleet of commercial vehicles will be driven for more than 456 hours, we reckon, and how many hundreds or thousands of people will see them daily?

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