Is your office design Manchester in need of an update?

People spend 40 hours a week (and more) at work. It becomes their second home effectively and for you, as a company director or a marketing manager, it should be an extension of your company ethos.

You can tell a lot about a company from the way it presents itself, exudes care and professionalism for both its staff and visitors.

Office interior design Manchester

We’re not going to trundle into your office on Deansgate or Tib Street, carrying furniture. You won’t see Seymour Sign and Print roll up with desks and carpets and new computers.


We don’t do that aspect of office design Manchester – what we do is your interior and exterior graphics.

Window and door graphics, privacy film etc.

You can read more about these in our Services for Premises tab.

Window graphics are quite a common sight across many towns and cities in the UK. You can choose from standard designs that make your office glass partitions compliant with building regulations, or you can ask us to create a bespoke design that will set you apart. There is no doubt that window graphics make a major style statement and serve a real function in breaking up open spaces into discreet “bubbles”.

Window films are great too for privacy and are a cost effective solution for transparent barriers. If your premises are large, like a hospital or department store, you might want to use different coloured window films to demarcate different areas.

You can read more about Window Graphics Manchester here.

Demand has increased for office design Manchester this year

Not just Manchester – but many of the outlying towns and cities adjoining it. Seymore Sign and Print have carried out extensive office branding in Salford, our base, as well as towns like Oldham, Sale, Rochdale, Bury and Bolton to name but five.

If you’re located further afield, though, do contact us as we do carry out office design work further north and further south.

One aspect that may have impacted on growth is the prevalence of remote video meetings. You can choose a virtual backdrop on Zoom, of course, but many customers have realised that to enhance credibility and branding, the backdrop needs to be real and reflect your company ethos and values.

You wouldn’t expect to video call a multi-million pound company to see little investment in their offices.

We all love the Jeff Bezos garage image – but we doubt now that he would occupy similar given his company’s dominance and his personal wealth.

Manchester office branding

Tied in with window graphics and films is the whole concept of office branding. Now again, to reiterate, we’re not going to survey your commercial base and recommend new furniture from our office furniture catalogue. Because we don’t have one! We’re not going to recommend a new printer for you and sort out a lease – it’s not what we do!

What we do and do well for you is office branding

Instead of taking a sledgehammer and calling a builder in about an unsightly wall, a pillar, you can improve it through office design graphics.

We can transform an unsightly wall or column into a centrepiece feature for a fraction of the cost of a physical redesign. It will look great too for years and when you fancy a change you get us to redesign, remove and replace.

Read more about office branding here.

Office signage

Slightly more utilitarian than window, door or wall graphics is a third service we offer: office signage.

These are designed for your Manchester office with your branding at the fore. Because office and premises signs are easier to install, we offer a nationwide design and delivery service.

You tell us what signs you want, give us branding guidelines, and let us design a draft for your approval. Once proofed, these are dispatched promptly for you to fit in your commercial HQ in Northampton or Southampton.

You can learn more here about office signage.

Print is not dead

Another core service we offer is printing. We don’t mean photocopying documents for you or advising you on flat bed scanners. We mean print as a form of marketing, a key component of your branding.

Printed newspapers may be on the decline in terms of circulation numbers, but printed brochures, booklets and magazine showcasing your business remain hugely popular.


Print has a permanence.

If you’re making a major purchase of a car, or home, you probably would expect a printed brochure. New property developments show off site plans and house types on large displays in marketing suites. These are replicated online on the company website and available in miniature as printed guides. There is something hugely satisfying, we think, about a beautifully printed and presented brochure.

Print is also a great way of acquiring new customers

Roller banners can be used in office spaces, workplaces, networking and exhibitions to showcase your brand. These are hugely cost effective and portable. They are often ordered by schools and businesses to signpost products, services and departments. If circumstances change, the banners can be redesigned for new branding or audiences.

Roller banners are also a great way of creating an instant impact as a background for your employees, both in the workplace and when working from home.

Finally, our full print services can be seen here.

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