Never mind the price, feel the width?

We all have become instant consumers, borne by the internet.

In the 70s and 80s, shopping was done in person with towns and cities thronged with people most days and weekends. Argos revolutionised shopping back then with a catalogue system and those tiny pencils which you’d use to scribble a 7 digit order number on (we think!) and carry to the till, waiting in line to collect.

That was about as revolutionary as retail got, but the internet changed everything.

Much for the better, some for the worse.

Amazon specifically made us all heavy consumers. It began its life selling books online, predominantly, but has since morphed into selling everything and has its own web service – AWS – and voice system, Alexa. No one can deny their keen pricing and exceptional customer service, but it comes at a price.

That price, or convenience, along with the rise of eBay, ASOS and others, have put a nail in the coffin of high streets, with banking moving online too, there’s often little reason to visit a town other than for food shopping or to eat out.

Gloomy outlook to one side though, we’ll carry on with the theme and say that Amazon and particularly Amazon Prime has created an instant culture. We see something we want online, perhaps on social media, and we want it delivered now or tomorrow. Amazon does that.

It even has solved the issue of you not being in – by having lockers to collect and return items in multiple places in towns and cities. From clicking a basket purchase, to paying for it, there’s zero human interaction – particularly if you use a locker where you can collect it with a code 24/7.

Convenient, yes, Dispiriting? Possibly.

So why do we talk so begrudgingly about Amazon?

Quite simple really – it’s because it’s made many of us impatient and we see that in our Manchester vehicle graphics business most days.

People want their cars, vans and lorries wrapped. They’ve started a new business or investing in an existing one and they, understandably, get excited and impulsive.

They want their vehicles adorned with marketing graphics, telephone numbers, web addresses and social media links not in a month’s time but tomorrow! They want Amazon delivery scales.

Now this is eminently possible. You can “Google” Vehicle Graphics Manchester or wherever you’re based and oof, 20 companies appear on page one who you can order from and have delivered to you quickly. Probably not tomorrow of course as they’re bespoke but you get the idea.

Cheap too.

The problem with this Google and Pay method is that it may save you money initially, but, unless you’ve experience with cutting vinyl, preparing a vehicle and making sure it looks perfect, you could well be wasting time and money.

Far better to let professionals like Seymour Sign and Print do it.

You’ll have to be patient though and be prepared to pay for our premium service.

Apple and Samsung, like Amazon, are online giants – you could get a cheap mobile phone from a budget company that will make calls, let you send texts and check emails. But if you want a premium camera, a fast computer in your pocket, you’ll pay a premium.

Same with your marketing – if you want branding that looks great, stands the test of time and turns heads, you don’t want a DIY sticker package. You need us.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

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