The proof of the pudding is in the reading?

Amongst the many headline news stories this week, a pudding stood out.

Ok, grant us poetic licence – technically a cake. Marks and Spencer are challenging Aldi over their imitation of Colin the Caterpillar (cake).

If you’re familiar with Aldi products, they’ve been doing this for years – taking well-known consumer brands and changing a letter or two to avoid copyright challenges. Amusing if you’re a cash-conscious consumer, less funny if you’re a corporate giant. But, cakes, Aldi and M and S to one side, we want to talk proof.

Proof as in proofreading – not puddings

You see, getting things right for your business branding is pretty important. You and us have probably all been to events, exhibitions and networking where those roller banners or decorative murals are emblazoned with catchy phrases, logos and contact details. You may, like us, have seen errors on these. Watching a YouTube channel the other day, about Apple product launches, it struck us when the subtitles of a channel with 7 million subscribers had RESOULUTION on and not RESOLUTION. That error is easy to correct on digital channels with editing – but stick BIULDER not BUILDER on your vans or trucks and the whole world sees it – if they are astute enough.

It’s why we ask clients to proofread their submissions carefully

We cast a glance too but given the high volume of work we get, it’s not always possible to spot them pre-printing.

So we ask you, in all seriousness, to get one of the family, a friend, a colleague to proof your material.

If you haven’t got access to those, you can pay a professional native-speaking proofreader to check your artwork, your roller banner, your business cards and car graphics. It will, of course, cost you – but you can be assured with a great proofreader that no errors will pass their beady eyes. It’s cheaper too than bringing your fleet of vans back to us for changes on the vinyl. That stack of roller banners or 10,000 business cards shouldn’t end up as landfill because of an errant mis-spelling.

Get your vehicle branding on point with us

With so much competition for your goods and services across Greater Manchester and nationally, you need to stand out, be word perfect in your branding and not end up as an internet meme for some grave, if comedic, error.

We have thousands of happy customers at Seymour Sign and Print, who rarely make errors in their drafts to us. We do have the odd ones who slip through the net and it can be costly for you.

Here endeth the sermon

Check your work, get someone else to check it and if it’s of incredible value to you as a business, pay a professional to check over your work. It could be the best £100 plus you ever spend – even if there are no errors, you have peace of mind and can sleep easy knowing your company fleet is shown at its best every single day.

If you want to know more about how we can help your office and mobile fleet branding, call us 0161 925 0581, via social media, or email

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