Vehicle graphics are seen by thousands daily

We’ll start with a cautionary note – if you live in a small hamlet in Scotland or Ireland, this title may well be false.

If there’s five houses in your homeplace and you work from home, it’s unlikely that thousands will see your vehicle graphics each day.

Fortunately for us, though, we’re based in the densely populated conurbation of Greater Manchester, where the road network and traffic volumes each day are staggeringly large. If you’re running a plumbing company in Preston, a boiler firm in Bolton or a courier service in Salford, your vehicles will get seen by thousands daily.

Make a lasting impression

It is easy for any company to find a vehicle graphics firm and ask them to brand a car, a van or a fleet. What’s less easy is to make that branding memorable and great. With so many advertising on their work vehicles already, yours has to stand out and be outstanding. That’s where Seymour Sign and Print come in.

Take this one as an example.

This printed rear door wrap and panel infill we designed, installed for Olympian Water Gardens (Denton) is sure to get them noticed, getting across what their business is all about.
%name Olympian Water Gardens
Eye-catching isn’t it? 
We’re pretty certain that when this company is driving around Greater Manchester from its Denton HQ that it will turn heads.

Create a local business presence

If your business operates in a set area and you’re often out and about, you’re bound to get noticed if your vehicles stand out with quality graphics. White van man became a term of mild derision in the 90s and we think, in this day and age, a vehicle with beautiful graphics will generate more business for you. And who doesn’t want that? What’s more, graphics that high quality last a long time – five years or more is the usual lifespan. You may have just updated your website and you want that to look great for 5 years – and the same goes for your fleet.

Preserves your vehicle

Your cars and vans may cover high mileages and need replacing every few years. You may lease them. What many often overlook is that vehicle graphics can also protect paintwork from chips and scratches. You have a layer over the paint that not only looks great and forms passive marketing, but also preserves the look of the van or car. Peel the graphics off in three years and you should have bodywork in excellent condition.

Whatever your business, and niche, we’ve creative van signage to meet any need: ☎️ 0161 925 0581