Why Vehicle Chevrons Are Essential

When it comes to road safety, visibility plays a crucial role in preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of all road users. One way that safety can be improved on the roads is through the installation of vehicle chevrons on vans. 

Vehicle chevrons are a type of vehicle graphic, specifically designed to increase safety and keep yourself and other road users safe. Below, we’ve written a quick guide to vehicle chevrons – exploring what they are and why they’re so important – continue reading to learn more. 

What are Vehicle Chevrons?

Vehicle chevrons are highly recognisable markings, consisting of alternating slanting stripes. They are typically in bright colours, placed on the rear of a vehicle. Their primary purpose is to increase the visibility of vehicles, particularly in low-light conditions or during inclement weather. 

The distinctive patterns of vehicle chevrons draw attention to the presence and size of the vehicle, helping other drivers and pedestrians better perceive its dimensions and movement. Vehicle chevrons are available in various designs and materials, so there is flexibility available to meet your specific requirements.

The Benefits of Installing Vehicle Chevrons

Having reflective vehicle chevrons installed can provide you with a number of benefits; ultimately, they’re a worthwhile investment for any vehicle owner concerned about safety. First of all, a major benefit is that chevrons significantly reduce accident rates by increasing the visibility and recognition of vehicles on the road.

The striking patterns and colours command attention, allowing drivers in all lighting conditions to perceive the presence of the vehicle quickly. This heightened awareness contributes to a safer driving environment, as it minimises the risk of collisions and potential injuries.

Moreover, vehicle chevrons also enhance the overall awareness of other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. The unique design and distinctive appearance of chevrons make it easier for others to distinguish a vehicle from its surroundings, helping them accurately anticipate its movements. 

This improved predictability fosters smoother traffic flow, reducing the likelihood of sudden manoeuvres or erratic driving behaviours. Similarly, installing vehicle chevrons isn’t just for personal safety, it also protects those working on the roadside or in emergency situations. 

For example, maintenance crews, pick up operators and emergency service vehicles. These professionals often operate in hazardous environments, and require high visibility to safeguard themselves and others. Overall, vehicle chevrons provide an additional layer of protection, alerting approaching drivers to exercise caution and give way – ultimately preventing accidents and potential injuries.

Searching for a Company that Installs Van Chevrons?

If you want to install vehicle chevrons and ensure that your vehicle is fully compliant with Chapter 8 legislation, then Seymour Sign & Print is the company to choose. We provide a first-class reflective vehicle chevrons service in Manchester. 

Our reflective vehicle chevrons, while not legally mandated, are widely recognized as a crucial safety measure and a best practice. As we have extensive industry experience, we can efficiently install reflective chevrons on your commercial vehicles, employing the same high standards and professional methods we use for all our projects. 

As we’ve mentioned, all of our van chevrons comply with Chapter 8 legislation, so with them installed, you’ll meet the necessary requirements for road safety. Also, we exclusively use prismatic grade vinyl, ensuring superior visibility of your vehicle chevrons even from greater distances. 

To learn more about our high quality and compliant reflective chevrons, please contact us today. You can reach us by phone on 0161 9250581. Our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible; we’re always here to answer any questions you have and provide you with further information.