Will you still wear a mask in April?

Masks, face masks, visors have become a way of life in the UK in the past year. We’re sure that when they were first introduced, you turned up at shops without one and had to buy or head home for one? Well, we did. Funny though how something can quickly become habitual and it makes us wonder if, when lockdown restrictions are eased, will you go maskless or not?

That question aside, we are very much looking forward, as we’re sure you are, to some return to some semblance of normality. When a garden centre or supermarket trip becomes the highlight of your day, you perhaps realise change is needed!

Economists are predicting a boom, post-lockdown and not just in pub food.

We can see why

Just as holidays in Britain have doubled or tripled in price, because demand exceeds supply, surely retail will follow suit? Businesses have survived by adopting online transactional models but they can’t ever replicate the enjoyment of physically shopping.

Take Manchester.

So many will miss catching a tram, wandering around the Arndale, looking at shops on King Street and St Anne’s Square followed off by food in the Northern Quarter for lunch or dinner (dinner and tea up here, of course).

Companies that have been starved of footfall for the best part of a year will see surges in traffic and sales – and that’s where we come in.

With increased activities in towns and city centres being inevitable, your business needs to stand out and be outstanding in its field

The high streets in Urmston, Salford, Bury, Altrincham, Rochdale and Oldham, to name but six, will be open for business and you need to make sure your marketing, your physical marketing, excels.

We specialise in many branding aspects at Seymour Sign and Print – such as vehicle graphics, office graphics and printed stationery – but we also have a great track record with signages for businesses and premises.

We don’t do cheap signage, but ones that are affordable quality

Cheap often comes with negative baggage – cheap and nasty, buy cheap, pay twice, cheap as chips etc. None of this needs to be associated with your business when the country finally emerges from hibernation into what is expected to be a retail frenzy.

Exterior signs are one of your specialisms – signs that show to the world your brand and brand values. Window graphics that are eye-catching and durable, informing passers by of events, promotions, sales and your digital showroom – your social media platforms.

Interior signs are no less important either. Signs that keep visitors informed are as vital as the ones that get them over the door threshold.

Now, coming back to the question.

Are you keen to resume some level of normality on high streets? Will you continue to wear a mask? Or do you expect, with the vast vaccine rollout, that we will hopefully be in some semblance of normality this summer?

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