Are you making a great first impression?

As humans, our attention span is reckoned to be limited.

Estate agents and letting agents are fond of quoting the 10 second rule where someone makes a decision on a property in that time span. If you’re of a certain age, you may recall “Blind Date” where couples were paired based on who they liked the sound of. The late Cilla Black stood next to the man or woman seeking behind a sliding screen. In job interviews, they say the interview panel places a lot of store by first impressions.

Same with any business.

If you were to walk into a car dealership to look at a new or used car, your senses would approve or disapprove of the environment and the welcome you receive.

Some people call branding a manifestation of your values and there’s little doubt that both values and, how your brand is perceived, matter.

Seymour Sign & Print are Manchester branding experts.

Technically, we’re based across the Irwell in Salford but Manchester and Salford live cheek by jowl and one is better known nationally and globally, so we use Manchester.

You can read all about our services for vehicles and premises across the top menu bar, but we would like to focus specifically in this blog on branding first impressions.

This country has an army of freelancers whose ranks have swelled in the past year with Coronavirus and furlough. Many men and women, working from home, have found they love it; others miss the commute and office. What we’ve found though, locally, is more people seem to be choosing freelance life. We’ve written a whole post on it here. Part of that shift to remote working has been micro branding. We’ve had many individuals contact us for office wallpaper, roller banners, printed stationery and the like. This is not unusual at all but what is unusual is the pace of change.

We’ve seen freelancers brand cars

Usually the preserve of small to large businesses, car graphics have soared in the past year for the self employed. It makes absolute sense too. If you’ve got a great digital presence, you need to get traffic to your website and when you’re parked up at home or at a job, people will see and take note of your company name and probably do a Google search or make a mental note.

Again, your vehicle branding is visible in your locale. It is a moving advert for what you sell and do. A “Baby on Board” plaque or an oval sticker won’t cut the mustard in winning you new business and getting people to look and look again at your car, van or lorry. You need a professional graphics company like us to make you stand out and be outstanding.

If you’re office based, you can brand that too with printed wallpapers, portable roller banners that will create that great first impression in Zoom and Google Meets conversations.

We do all this and more.

If you’d like to find out how we can help, pick up the phone, call our friendly team on 0161 925 0581 and count to 10 in your head and you judge what impression we’d make and whether you’d trust with your branding for your business.

We think you will!

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