How observant are you when driving?

We have customers at Seymour Sign and Print, Manchester, who spend hours every day on roads in their jobs. We have clients who are advanced drivers, which has always fascinated us.

This qualification is not simply a certificate to hang on your metaphorical fridge, but a tangible way of showcasing your driving expertise and reducing motor insurance. Stands to reason, doesn’t it, that if you’re qualified as an Advanced Driver, you’re less likely to be involved in a Road Traffic Accident (of your making). Much of the course and test are about being observant and anticipation:

It includes focussing on control, observation, timing, positioning, and the ability to deal with unpredictable roads, to name a few. The course takes three to six months to complete, and once finished you’ll become a full IAM member, another benefit being that you could receive a discount on your car insurance.

All very laudable and admirable and it relates to what we do at Seymour Sign and Print. We have many specialisms and services, we have umpteen repeat customers, who all have two things in common – they recognise and understand the importance of branding, and, secondly, are prepared to invest in branding.

These customers, some of whom are advanced drivers, are fixtures on the roads and motorways of Greater Manchester and know that other road users, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, look at your vehicle. It’s human nature.

Think about your own home.

A van pulls up next door and you may (or may not) peek out of the door or window. If it’s a van that is unwrapped, with no livery, your look won’t linger. If it’s a drainage company, a window cleaning firm, a door or window company, you may pause, particularly if you need that product or service. A smart van adorned with graphics telling the world you fit new windows may pique your interest as you need new windows in your home, to reduce fuel bills.

You see what we mean?

Without labouring it too much, a plain white van won’t get you looking, nor will a van covered in wonky graphics saying “Wally’s Windows”. If a customer is prepared to invest thousands in new windows, they need to know it’s with a company that looks the part and they can trust.

Any savvy consumer will then go online, check out a website, social media, hunt for reviews and make a mental note whether to make contact with your window company. They may ask the neighbour if they’d recommend the company, too, before committing.

That van, if “naked” or “poorly dressed” would never lead to that research or neighbourly chat. A van fully wrapped with contact details, service offerings and web address may not guarantee you a job next door – but rinse and repeat this on three jobs per day plus travel time and suddenly thousands of people clap eyeballs on your fleet and offerings.

We’ve mentioned this before – Tesco make massive profits, yet still make home deliveries in smart trucks with “Freshly Clicked” slogans on there. Tesco is a known brand, but the board of directors there don’t say, deliver in unbranded vans. No. They know that branding is part of their marketing strategy and a van dropping off groceries on a road gives people a mental nudge to make their own order online, choosing them over rivals.


If you are an observant driver, an advanced driver, a curious consumer, you know how much information passes us daily on roads. If you want to relay your product and service offerings on your own car, van, truck, we need to talk.

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